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DO NOT WRITE YOUR STORY DIRECTLY INTO THIS FORM! Write it in a word processing program and save your own copy before uploading it here! If your story is rejected for any reason it wll be immediately deleted and I will not be able to give you another copy for you to edit!

1. Please at least try to get your spelling and grammar correct. If you just have a few typos I'll let it through, but not if it's unreadable. Also, make sure you use paragraph breaks and start a new paragraph every time a new character speaks.

2. No stories rated higher than R. No unnecessary gore, and no explicit sex scenes. Basically, if you can't show it in an R rated movie, submit it to instead.

3. No stories whose purpose is only to bash a person/character/etc.

4. No stories where everyone is so out of character that they're unrecognizable. I don't care if it's supposed to be funny. Don't do it.

5. No stories whose main purpose is to forward your own agenda. You can write about politics or religion, but I'm not going to to approve Aladdin Turns to the Lord.

6. Must have Aladdin characters or places in it. Duh.

7. Crossovers are allowed as long as the Aladdin characters have a substantial part. No one-paragraph cameos.

8. Summaries must be G rated.

9. Works must be 100% your own. This means no uploading someone else's fics, no copying lines from other people's work into your own, no copying someone else's plot entirely, and, if you want to use someone else's fan character, you must ask them for permission first.

10. Please do not submit chapters that are only a paragraph or two long. Wait until you have more written before updating.