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Lists and Top Tens

Kevin Bissessar The Fire Lizard A. Katz Tamera King Kari Kok Nightw2 Shogun Raptor Storm Collaborations

Kevin Bissessar

The Top Ten Reasons why Scar is a Better Villain Than Jafar "I hope I will not be flamed or attacked from the pro-Jafar fans :) (I myself am an Aladdin fan). I just wanted to have fun with this Top Ten, and it should only be taken as *fun*. :)"

The Fire Lizard
Fiction by The Fire Lizard

Top Ten Things That Would Happen if a Gargoyles / Aladdin Crossover Occured

A. Katz
Fiction by A. Katz

How Do You Know If You Are a Jafar Freak?

Tamera King
Fiction by Tamera Visit The Land of the Black Sand

Some Signs of Being Obsessed With Mozenrath "Do you think you're obsessed with Mozenrath? well here's some symptoms if you think you got Mozitis"

Kari Kok
Visit Fox's Studio

You Know You're a Mozeketeer When...

Fiction by Nightw2

Darkwing Duck/Aladdin Comparisons "This is a somewhat revised version of a list of comparisons and similarities between Darkwing Duck and Disney's version of Aladdin (because some of these things ARE more like comparisons than similarities)."

List of Things That Might Happen in a Darkwing Duck/Aladdin Crossover "This Is A list of things I think would be likely to happen in a full-blown Darkwing Duck/Aladdin Crossover (a couple of them reasons Disney would probably never do one)"

Song parodies by Storm Unfinished stories by Storm

The Top Ten Signs of Being Obsessed with Aladdin


Things Never Heard on Aladdin

Top 47 Ways to Know If You're a Mozeketeer

Ways to Tell if You're an Iago Fan