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Unfinished Stories

Angie Bethany Chroias DangerMouse Errie Wyvern Evangeline Blue Gracie Maggie Griffin Julie Horwitz Jaquenetta Katie Ann Kim Kotis Kuni Joseph Label Mascot1063 Mimi Sakura Mona Moni D. Neon Star Piglitgirl Princess Jasmine Ravyn Mystique Sailor Star Serenityteen soo jin

Poetry by Angie

Can You Hear Them? "After being stabbed by the Dagger of Vetis, Aladdin loses his faith in what is real and falls into a world of insanity. Will he be able to fight Mozenrath's spell or will Agrabah lose its greatest hero?" Rated PG-13.


That Was Then and This Is Now "This is my version of who Mozenrath's parents are, and once he finds out, how will it affect his relationship with his most notorious enemy Aladdin?" Rated PG.

Visit Chroias's Dungeon of Chaos Fiction by Chroias Poetry by Chroias Fiction by Nefret and Chroias

Agrabah 2932 Rated PG-13.

A Life Given "Something a friend of mine came up with and gave me permission to follow through on." Rated PG-13.


The True Story of Jafar "How could the Sultan not see Jafar's evil ways? How was it that even Jasmine trusted him? Why can Iago speak? All the answers to these questions lie in the past, the past of a man named Jafar. Who was this powerful man when he was young? What is his story? How did it affect his future? Enter the mists, my friends, and together, we shall find out..." Not yet rated.

Errie Wyvern

Sand "Mozenrath fic. Mozenrath learns the pains of falling in love with...sand? Not nearly as humorous as it sounds." Rated PG.

Maggie Griffin
Visit Noche Claw

If There Be Thorns "After a chance encounter in the market place, Sadira finds an apprentice in a young girl named Aini. But things donít go as planned when during one of her first lessons, Aini unleashes a sand storm into the garden of Arbutus" Rated PG-13

Julie Horwitz
Visit Mindscapes

Wind Song "An evil sorceress wants to add Agrabah to her growing empire." Rated PG-13.


The Heir Rated PG. read/write reviews

Fiction by Kim

Shattered Dreams "After a war with a familiar enemy, Jasmine is left alone to avenge what she lost." Not yet rated.

Beginning of the End "With everything in his life perfectly falling into place, Aladdin's world is put in danger when an old enemy wants a final fight." Rated PG-13.

Shadows of the Past "Aladdin is about to discover some secrets of his past can't stay hidden forever, no matter how hard he tries to forget them." Rated PG-13.


A Buffy / Aladdin Crossover "An evil sorcerer named Mozenrath appears in Sunnydale and has it in for Willow. At the same time, a big blue genie and a flying carpet appear mysteriously. Hmm . . ." Aladdin / Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossover. Not yet rated.

The Positively True Story of Willow Rosenburg's Agrabah Adventure "Willow finds a scroll with a spell on it. She casts the spell, and it sends her back to Agrabah." Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Not yet rated.


Family Reunion "A spell of Mozenrath's backfires horribly -- now he must depend on Aladdin to help him defeat the most evil sorcerer who ever lived..." Not yet rated.

Joseph Label

The Royal Card Game: A Novel About the Disney Princesses "Four Disney princesses (Ariel, Aurora, Belle and Jasmine) must team with four Disney villains (Madame Mim, Phantom Blot, Jafar and Maleficent) in order to escape the World of Illusion." Rated PG.

Mimi Sakura

Bound by Blood "Someone is after to kill everyone with the blood of Aladdin's mother in their veins. But, they aren't only ones in danger. If this person finishs to task, then everyone in the world will die too...not just the people, but the planet itself will die."

Fiction by Mona Poetry by Mona

Operation Mousetrap "Sequel to For Bitter or For Worse. If you haven't read Bitter, please do so before reading this story. The DASAC plans to bump off the Sensational Six." Rated G.

Moni D.
Fiction by Moni D.

It Felt So Real "Jafar is back and he relies on a young girl to help him destroy Aladdin, but she feels that she loves him?" Rated PG-13.

Neon Star
Fiction by Neon Star

Between a Father and a Son "Cassim writes a letter to Aladdin." Rated PG.

Other Dimensions "Aladdin/Neverending Story Crossover. Trouble is brewing when Aladdin meets Atreyu." Rated PG.

Shadows of Destiny "Another look at Mozenrath's past and future." Rated PG.

Dragon Prince: Destiny "Aladdin has a larger destiny that now comes for him." Rated PG.

Another Time Two: What Could Have Been "What if Mirage changed the past by raising Aladdin and Mozenrath? Another look at Another Time" Rated PG.

The Confessions of Mirage "Mirage has been brought to trial, and only Aladdin and Mozenrath can save her from death, but will they?" Rated PG.

Resurrection "Mozenrath and Aladdin have died, but when Mozenrath resurrects himself, Aladdin must follow, or a time he doesn't know will fall." Rated PG.

Separate Souls "Aladdin and Mozenrath share a secret that will change their lives, and of those around them." Rated PG.

Fiction by Piglitgirl

Once Upon a Time in New York City "New York City, the modern day. Imagine the son of a notorious gangster and the daughter of a police chief, finding in each other the love they have always craved. A tale as old as time. A precious story retold in the modern day." Rated G.

Princess Jasmine
Fiction by Princess Jasmine Visit Fan's Addiction

Sweet Jasmine Not yet rated.

Rose Thorns "Aladdin is dead; Jasmine is mad; Mozenrath had better watch his back, 'cause Agrabah's got a new hero." Rated PG-13.

Ravyn Mystique
Song parodies by Ravyn Mystique

Mozenrath of the Seven Deserts "Mozenrath has lost his powers and his freedom... and very nearly his life, when a strange woman comes to his rescue." Rated PG.

Sailor Star

I Don't Wanna Grow Up "Jasmine has been yearning for one last adventure before she grows old, but when she gets her wish, will she want to go back?" Aladdin/Peter Pan Crossover. Rated PG.