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I've had so much help from so many people with this site, that I really don't think of it as "mine" anymore. I'd like to thank the following people for all their help; I couldn't have done it without you...

• The writers, animators, actors, and everyone else involved with the Aladdin movies, TV series, comics, and books, for creating a world that has brought enjoyment to thousands of people around the world.

• Kristen, Samantha, and Shiera, for helping me run the message board.

Sedeara, Silvestris, Kat, Astral, Sindie, and Mo, dedicated fanfiction archivists; as well as all the Aladdin fanfiction authors.

Catie, Disney Princess, Heather H., Katie Ann, Reenie, Jaquenetta, Medjai Monty, Meesh, Ruth, Samantha, Shiera, and SlytherinArtist, episode transcribers.

•, Antichrissy, Magical Screencaps, The Heart of the Tiger, Wendy, and Merkal, for transcript screenshots.

Oliver, for many of the production art scans.

Aaron, Bryan, Robyn, Sprite Central, and all the other makers of clipart.

Brawnhilda, for her Yahoo! Messenger skins.

• Anna, Ása, David, The Disney Music Archive, Disney Paroles,, Icea, JessKat, Jennifer Marie, JK3000, Joe, Marika, Lisa, Merkal, One, John, Selma, Kikyo, Nick, Smadar, Tingeling, Evi, Walt Disney Fan Club, The World of Arianwen, and Yves for providing and correcting lyrics.

• Catie, Kristin, Merkal, and Sindie, for their contributions to the Aladdin 10th anniversary celebration.

• The Aladdin Page, Almighty Hat, the Disney Villains' Sound Page, Kirsten, Leigh, Martin, RN, The Whole New World of Alan Menken, Yves, and many others whose names I forgot to write down for donating various sound files. (I can no longer host them on the site, but I am still thankful for the donations.)

Abagail and Priscilla, Disney Heaven, Disney's World of Wonders, Fede and Gaia, Kat, Megan, Mushu,, Ron and Marie, Sue, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too, Woo's Wonder World of Pooh, The World of Arianwen, for giving me their awards.

...and anyone else who I've left out. I'm really grateful to you for everything!

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