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Page for old projects I've abandoned, new things I'm still working on, and other fun stuff...

Aladdin 10th Anniversary

Aladdin Mailing List Official Homepage

The Scroll of Witty Quotations - Some of my favorite Aladdin quotes.

Site of the Month - Site award I used to give out back in 2002-2003.

Characters, Actors, and Animators - See the people who brought Aladdin to life! (Yes, I know the layout sucks...)

Awards I've Won

Family Channel Canada Aladdin Episode Guide - This once appeared on Family Channel Canada's website; I think it's based on the series' press kit, but you be the judge.

• In Their Own Words - Quotes from the creators about the making of Aladdin:

Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio

Tad Stones

Banners - You can use these to link to this site.

Aladdin Mary Sue Litmus Test - For original characters in Aladdin fanfiction. I finished the questions but lost interest before I got to the scoring, but you might have fun with it...

Abismalisms - The wit and witicism of Abis Mal.

the old messageboard - Back before I hosted the messageboard myself, it was on proboards. Sorry, it's locked, but you can still read the old posts.

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